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Dark Horse Recording

Home and Recording Studio For Sale . . . Offered at $5,150,000.

Dark Horse Recording is one of the only resort-style studios in this part of the country. Now in existence for almost two decades, it has become a haven for some of the biggest stars in the world. It's private and secluded, yet only 25 minutes from Nashville's Music Row and 20 minutes from dozens of restaurants, hotels, and shops in the Franklin/Cool Springs area.

The estate boasts 10 acres with two main buildings. There are also four smaller structures including: a timber frame pavilion, a timber frame tower, a timber frame wood-shop/hay-loft and a 32 ft storage building. There is also a 250 ft. covered walkway which connects the two main buildings.

The home is a 4,600-square-foot log structure with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, vaulted ceilings a central kitchen and a smaller kitchen. Attached to the home is a living area and bonus room currently being used as a private recording studio (in other words, the owner can only use this studio for personal projects). Note: This studio will soon be moved to a different location to be used for Dark Horse Institute.

The larger auxiliary building (approximately 8,000 sq. ft.) is a hybrid of both personal and business uses. The "Lodge" and "Barefoot" recording studios are located in this building as well as a lounge, kitchen, media room and guest apartment. It is all custom timber frame construction, with over 120 windows and ceilings as high as 33 ft.

A favorite feature is a 70 ft. stone gate and entrance. Five of the 10 acres are completely manicured. During the last 19 years, the property has been extensively landscaped, which has included the planting of 270 white pine and spruce trees.

This property is zoned as a "residence doing business", and therefore someone is required to live on the property.

As for appraisal questions: The property was last appraised was in 2006 where the land and structures alone were valued at $3,400,000. Since that time I have spent almost $300,000 on remodels and additional square footage. The recording equipment, instruments, furniture and office equipment are worth somewhere between $600,000 and $700,000. Then there's the business, after 19 years in business DHR continues to attract major star power, as well as thousands of other lesser known professionals. Although our EBITDA is low, the "Brand" value that Dark Horse Recording has created is priceless.

I will not provide P & L statements for two reasons. 1) A recording facility in and of itself is not a profitable business model 2) All these years I have operated as a "sole proprietorship" and DHR has been part of a larger financial picture for me, as well as serving as housing my offices for other career endeavours and my personal home for 19 years.

The sale price includes 95% of all recording equipment, instruments, furniture, and office equipment, but it does not include items specific to the institute. This price does not include the business, "Dark Horse Institute". As Dark Horse Institute continues evolving and expanding the connection between DHR and DHI will evolve as well. Currently we are in transition as the institute is expanding to another location.

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Robin Crow
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Please keep any contact regarding your interest in Dark Horse private (in other words talk with me only).

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